Rhythm of Destruction is a fangame produced using the OpenBOR Engine, by Kingherb & Mr.Q®, for Sega Dreamcast and Windows platforms. Created by two of the BOR community's most prolific modders, it comes in a variety of different versions, all featuring a completely unique cast of playable characters, totalling 16 altogether. With simultaneous 2 player action, great music, Dreamcast Rumble support and much more, the game is considered by many as one of the finest BOR mods available.

Featured here is the Red Version, which showcases a playable Axel Stone made using Daguas' legendary SNK-style sprites, complete with many of his signature moves, including his 'Grand Upper'.

The storyline to Rhythm of Destruction: Red Version involves ex-cop Axel Stone joining forces with a vigilante team led by Evy, to help take down a criminal organisation called 'Gamievolution', which plans to take over the world with a genetically-modified army. Cue the usual SOR action as you punch and kick your way to victory!




DOWNLOAD SEGA DREAMCAST VERSION (CD IMAGE, can be burned to disc and played on your Dreamcast console)
DOWNLOAD WINDOWS VERSION (Windows Vista/7 Compatible)







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