Bare Knuckle MUGEN is a SOR-themed version of the M.U.G.E.N. 2D fighting engine, compiled by JoyJoyfulRabbit. It features 10 playable characters, including classics from the original Mega Drive games, plus fanmade ones redesigned specifically to take advantage of M.U.G.E.N.'s capabilities:

Axel Stone - original, credit to DCat
Blaze Fielding - modified original, credit to DCat
Adam Hunter - original, credit to DCat
Skate Hunter - original, credit to DCat
Max Thunder - original, credit to GrimeDoc
Shiva - original, credit to Ken
Roo - original, author unknown
Dr. Zan - fanmade redesign, credit to Zherg/Kaos
Electra - fanmade redesign, credit to Ahrimanes & Elektra
Cang-Long (Blaze) - fanmade redesign, credit to mast-chen

The game also features a number of stages from the original games plus popular fangame SORR, as well as music remixes. With the ability to knock your opponent senseless with multiple-hit combos and super finishing moves, Bare Knuckle MUGEN is a fantastic alternative to the classic SOR duel mode, and a must for any SOR fan's collection.






Download Bare Knuckle MUGEN (v1.5) (ZIP archive 83MB)





Play during 'Watch' mode


Go to "Watch" mode. Select the character you want to be then pick the character for CPU. Select any stage... Before Round 1 starts, press Ctrl + 1 to control P1 character.

Control your Partner (Team Arcade and Watch mode)

Select your character then select other char. Before Round 1 starts, press Ctrl + 3 to control P1's partner character. (one person controls 2 players)



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