Hulk vs Streets of Rage is a rare SOR fangame which sees Axel, Max, Zan and Shiva join forces with the Incredible Hulk to take down a rogue Syndicate organization. It features some nice-looking stages taken from the arcade version of "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon", and some interesting new enemy designs (a rocket-launcher wielding Donovan, for instance!).  The ability to play as Hulk to smash those Syndicate punks is a novel twist on the usual SOR gameplay. The only major drawback with this fangame is the fact that, like many older OpenBoR-based titles, the physics-engine is far from perfect and most of the characters (apart from Zan) can't dash and have a limited moveset. That said, it's still fun to play and worth a look if, like me, you're a die-hard SOR fan.


There are some amusing (and rude) enemy names here, just take a look at the Signal's name in the Axel screenshot below and you'll see what I mean.


The creator of this fangame is unknown.




Download Hulk vs Streets of Rage (ZIP archive 53MB)









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