Final Rage Chaos is a rare SOR fangame produced by Realryo, a Chinese OpenBOR modder. Essentially, the game is a reworking of the older BOR title Hyper Final Fight 2 by Mr.Q®, with the addition of SOR's Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding as playable characters, with some other aesthetic changes thrown in. The result is a fun crossover between the universes of Streets of Rage and Final Fight! Ever wanted to see what happens when those two game franchises collide with each other? Well here's your chance!

The storyline of Final Rage Chaos involves Blaze Fielding's detective agency joining forces with Haggar, Guy and Cody to rid the streets of Metro City from the clutches of the infamous Mad Gear organisation. Take the fight to the enemy in more than 9 levels of blistering concrete-slamming action and restore peace to the streets once again!





Download Final Rage Chaos (ZIP archive 25MB)









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