Bare Knuckle VI is a 4-player Chinese SOR fangame designed by Anking and Volcanic, using the OpenBoR engine. The moves and physics of the game are based upon those seen in the earlier title Bare Knuckle Vacuum (albeit with some fresh changes) and as such it is intended as a sequel to that game, hence the numbering system (V=Vacuum, VI follows). The designers also postulated that there are so many fangames numbered IV or 4, that it was logical to move on to avoid confusion.

This game is surprisingly fun to play and has plenty of ideas and novel twists to keep you interested, alongside that authentic-feeling SOR gameplay action. It features 6 playable characters (Axel, Blaze, Adam, Max, Zan and Shiva) - the Adam sprites having been ripped from SORRv4 - who all appear to be police officers if the presentation screens are anything to go by. The story is all written in Chinese, so I can't give you a summary of what it entails, but I'm pretty sure it involves Mr. X coming back and the heroes having to stop him again (duh). Many of the levels are SOR3/SORR rips, but this is entertaining just the same and worth checking out if you feel like taking a break from playing SORRv5 all the time. I'd say it's probably one of the best OpenBoR-based fangames available.


Download Bare Knuckle VI (2014 FINAL Edition) (ZIP archive, 94MB)

The 2014 FINAL Edition of the game contains all new content not previously seen in the original release.




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